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Mar 13th 2018, 12:34 pm
Posted by annewoodwo
A dream maybe, he thought initially until he had gained his full sight and when he looked down to the sheets that were covering him, he saw something he didn’t expect. Am I dreaming, or is this for real? Her hair draped around her face looked reddish brown in the morning sunlight and he knew what she was doing.

sexy photos of girls, he thought to himself. His eyes opened slowly and blurry and he saw the first hint of sunrise through the window in his bedroom slightly reflecting off of their maroon sheets. Her hair whipped back as she slung her head back and let it drape to the side exposing his hard cock from which her hand was clasped.

A smile was beaming from her face and he hoped this wasn’t just a dream, he hoped this was really happening. Her eyes were staring into his as her tongue explored the edges of his cock down the shaft and he felt her tongue against his naked balls. Her eyes reappeared again as she raised her head and lips from beneath the covers and positioned it right above the head of his dick.

HE AWOKE WITH AN UNUSUAL FEELING, and initially didn’t realize what was going on or honestly where he was. The moisture of the spit felt cold against his skin and his eyes opened wider as her plush lips surrounded his cock, engulfing it like a covering made only for him. He watched her intently as she let some of her moist saliva escape her mouth onto the round head of his erect cock.

Watching her slide her mouth up and down over his cock was euphoric to say the least. Her look was one of intense desire, and he felt as if she were peering into his soul. He tried to record this memory to the internal storage in his brain but it was no use, he was essentially lost in the moment.

Feeling his cock pushing against the back of her throat created a sense of manhood in his heart, a feeling he yearned for each day. The sensation of her lips squeezing tightly around the shaft excited him inside creating butterflies in his stomach, causing him to close his eyes for a brief moment while he gathered his wits.

His hazel green eyes met her beautiful browns for the first time and she smiled as she looked up from between his bare legs. Her face disappeared as she leaned further under the sheets and free amateur naked pictures the sensation was electrifying, the sucking and licking of the testicles that rested against what felt like her chin.

One big breast on either side now surrounded his member, and she started sliding them up and down around the saturated penis. Focusing on her naked big breasts touching his inner thigh, he could see her reddish pink nipples exposed to him for the first time.

The feeling instantly caused his cock to swell and push through her tight grasp pushing to flex her hand open, but she held on. For those who have any kind of queries with regards to in which along with how you can utilize modeling girls photos, you'll be able to email us at our site. A first time experience for him and he hoped it was real and not the useless dreams of this event like times in the past.

He wondered how long he could last with her actions being so intent on pushing him to his limit. Wanting to touch her so badly, it hurt him; he pulled with all his strength against the cold metal cuffs feeling his skin rip. A smile arose from her face exposing her beautiful pink lips and radiant white teeth. Momentary relief finally came as she slid nude hf her tits off of his cock and began to move her body up closer to his face.

She scooted up toward him and he wondered what she was about to do. Soft lips pressed upon his as she expressed her love to him gently and softly by kissing him passionately. A feeling of warmth hit his chest as she pushed her breasts into him now straddling his body, her mouth inches from his, never breaking her sensual gaze. Refocusing on her work, he watched her auburn brown eyes as they opened and closed with each stroke and he heard the sounds of her soft moans that escaped her gorgeous tanned body.

Squirming in his horizontal position, all he wanted was her to move her hips ever so slightly in order to allow his cock to slide into her.

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