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Ghana Celebrity News And Gossip Photos, Videos

Jan 12th 2018, 9:18 pm
Posted by norriseast
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We remember that everything was "so much nicer" just a few decades ago, but Hollywood has always had its fair share of controversies and scandals. Below are just a few of the nastiest, most shocking, and most bizarre celebrity scandals that would have headlined the Internet and 24-hour media cycles if such things had been around when they happened. Forgotten celebrity scandals - Nicole Richie has transformed from Paris Hilton's bestie to a wife, mother and fashionista who does lots of charity work.

Celebrity Nude Photo Scandals - Forget sex tapes - nude photos are the way to get attention these days. Here are the 26 worst celebrity scandals of 2017. From the start, TMZ was working to cater to a market that it's cornered today: male consumers, many of whom wouldn't even consider what they were reading gossip." Today, 42% of TMZ's readership is male; compare that to ( 15% ) and ( 11% ). The compulsively readable book explores how Hollywood icons — including James Dean, Clara Bow, Clark Gable, and Judy Garland — were created and sometimes destroyed by the gossip that was generated about them.

Celebrity gossip site with the latest entertainment news, hollywood gossip, gossip girls, and videos of your favorite stars and celebrities. Former employees describe him as a mad genius," all fast-twitch muscle," and like he's taking the blue pills in Bourne Identity." And it's that metabolism and bottomless hunger that's manifested in the site: When people call it all-consuming, they're both referring to its domination of its corner of the gossip landscape and the way it dominates the lives of its employees, including Levin himself.

Anyway, let us enjoy the bounty as well as the horror of this post-truth hellscape that we inhabit , and appreciate this moment — Taylor Swift Carried in Big Box, Maybe, Who Can Say — as the happy zenith of 2017 celebrity news. List Rules Upvote the biggest celebrity scandals that the media would have a field day with if they happened today. Now the question is, would you like to start a celebrity gossip blog of your own?

If you're ready to see more info about Celebrity Scandals list 2017 review the web-page. China is in the midst of one of its biggest celebrity scandals in recent memory, a messy divorce which, over the last week, has dominated the country's Internet and turned ordinary social media fans into avid sleuths. Each weekday they will break down the stories appearing in the Post column as well as present their own celebrity and entertainment news scoops.

BEIJING — Whether read openly and voraciously or behind closed doors, celebrity gossip plays an integral role in the entertainment world, connecting stars and the big businesses that back them to an audience eager for the juiciest of details. There was no time to get caught up in any scandals. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry Kate has no interest in competing" with the Suits actress for media attention and headlines".

Since then, the scandal over the Jolie-Pitt-Aniston love triangle has continued to spawn headlines, with the celebrity media reporting non-stop on Brangelina's family of eight and Aniston's adventures in celebrity dating. Websites like TMZ and Perez Hilton have taken on the mantle of the old established magazines like People and US Weekly - and we can now learn all about the latest scandals with just the click of a mouse, rather than having to go out to the newsstand.

The husband of Real Housewives of New Jersey" celebrity Teresa Giudice, was once set to do his entire 41 month sentence at Federal Correctional Institute, Fort Dix in New Jersey. Here are 10 of the celebrity scandals that we couldn't get enough of at the time, but have forgotten about …well, until now.

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