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15 Craziest Celebrity Scandals Of All Time

Jan 12th 2018, 9:18 pm
Posted by alisa3817
The question now, heading into 2018 and 2020, is where does the party go without its celebrity base - which they have almost no choice but to shun in the fallout surrounding Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood's pathetically lame (and delayed) response to the open secret" (according to many) of his decades-long sexual exploitation of women. They started covering D list celebrity gossip last year despite the fact that they have consistently promoted themselves as a site about music.

2012 In Review: Celebrity Scandals August - December. Here are some of the more strange celebrity scandals that the media just kind of glossed over. Discover how to start a celebrity gossip blog in our blog training guide. Forgotten celebrity scandals - He's as cool as can be now with the starring role in the "Iron Man" franchise ( he may actually BE Tony Stark ) and his duet with Sting But there was a time when Robert Downey Jr. was having tons of legal trouble because of substance abuse.

Below are the top nine celebrity scandals that have rocked the United Kingdom. English gent Hugh Grant had just starred in the successful movie, ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral,' when he was arrested for soliciting prostitute, Divine Brown, in downtown LA. Grant admitted his guilt and paid a small fine, but the scandal led to the end of his high-profile relationship with fellow Brit, Elizabeth Hurley, an actress and model.

The growing list of allegations include stories about actor Kevin Spacey, director Brett Ratner, Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman and former "Gossip Girl" star Ed Westwick. Forgotten celebrity scandals - The late Michael Jackson stirred a great deal of controversy when he dangled his then 8-month-old son Prince Michael II over the balcony of the Adlon Hotel in Berlin in November 2002.

Hollywood Babylon remains so great because the book was the first of its kind to satirise the obsessive and unfounded gossip so much of Hollywood life was mediated by in the early days of scandal rags and gossip media. Levin and Paratore brought along some staff from Celebrity Justice and Extra, including eventual TMZ personalities Mike Walters, whose father was an assistant sheriff in Orange County, and Evan Rosenblum.

We know what Hollywood publicity looks like today: proliferating gossip blog posts, paparazzi shots on TMZ, carefully cultivated Tumblrs featuring candid" photos taken by the celebrity's full-time leisure photographer Contemporary publicity is at once carefully orchestrated and wholly unpredictable, with only the most conscientious of celebrities capable of completely controlling the narrative of what their images mean." Jay-Z and Beyonc

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