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Celebrity News, Gossip & Scandals

Jan 12th 2018, 8:10 pm
Posted by isiahalman
Apart from running the Web site, Levin hosts two syndicated television shows: a one-hour newscast, TMZ Live," and a thirty-minute program, TMZ on TV," which is taped each morning, between seven and nine, on the floor of the TMZ newsroom, and features Levin clutching a mug of iced green tea and bantering about the latest celebrity news with his colleagues.

Last year was hardly short of celebrity scandals There were many celebrities who made headlines for being at the center of messy situations that eventually lost them fans. Feedback on 10 ridiculous celebrity scandals from 2016 we bet you've already forgotten". Hollywood starlet Lana Turner was involved in one of the most shocking scandals of the 1950s. The Aniston-Pitt-Jolie love triangle is the Hollywood scandal that keeps on giving — especially to celebrity tabloids and gossip hounds, who continue to report relentlessly on Pitt and Jolie's family life with their six children, and Aniston's adventures on the celebrity dating scene.

The question now, heading into 2018 and 2020, is where does the party go without its celebrity base - which they have almost no choice but to shun in the fallout surrounding Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood's pathetically lame (and delayed) response to the open secret" (according to many) of his decades-long sexual exploitation of women. They started covering D list celebrity gossip last year despite the fact that they have consistently promoted themselves as a site about music.

Forgotten celebrity scandals - Domestic goddess Martha Stewart has moved on from July 2004, when she was flanked by U.S. Marshals after her sentencing at Manhattan federal court in New York. Shown below is a collection of alternative sites to where anyone can find hollywood celebrity news. Regions within a country, or cultural communities (linguistic, ethnic, or religious) can also have their own celebrity If you cherished this posting and you would like to acquire a lot more info with regards to Tinyurl.com kindly pay a visit to our own web site. systems, especially in linguistically or culturally distinct regions such as Quebec or Wales Regional radio personalities, newscasters , politicians or community leaders may be local or regional celebrities.

Here are the 26 worst celebrity scandals of 2017. From the start, TMZ was working to cater to a market that it's cornered today: male consumers, many of whom wouldn't even consider what they were reading gossip." Today, 42% of TMZ's readership is male; compare that to ( 15% ) and ( 11% ). The compulsively readable book explores how Hollywood icons — including James Dean, Clara Bow, Clark Gable, and Judy Garland — were created and sometimes destroyed by the gossip that was generated about them.

This period saw so much happen, from sex scandals to famous names falling from grace, this was the decade where it seemed every other celebrity was caught up in some kind of scandal. Sheldon, who was the publicist at Celebrity Justice," recalls, We were breaking news all the time, but we weren't doing it on the show." Rather than unveiling scoops in the middle of the night, to meagre audiences, Levin and his reporters often took the best material to more established shows like Access Hollywood," or to CNN and Fox News.

Yahoo Movies spoke with Petersen about the evolution of celebrity gossip, the most surprising scandals she uncovered, and why these stories are much more than a guilty pleasure. Some of the profiles collected in this book feel a bit out of place, like Mae West (though her sexuality was provocative, she really was without scandal, per se) and Marlon Brando—other than jumping the shark in later life, he mostly just refused to play by the studio rules.

Among internet users from the United States, 16 percent named TV as their main source of celebrity news and gossip, whereas 24 percent stated the internet was their main source of such information. Gossip Cop has checked in with a source close to Lionel and has been told that the story is "100 percent not true.

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