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Jan 12th 2018, 6:54 pm
Posted by alisa3817
Celebrity Nude Photo Scandals - Forget sex tapes - nude photos are the way to get attention these days. Former employees describe him as a mad genius," all fast-twitch muscle," and like he's taking the blue pills in Bourne Identity." And it's that metabolism and bottomless hunger that's manifested in the site: When people call it all-consuming, they're both referring to its domination of its corner of the gossip landscape and the way it dominates the lives of its employees, including Levin himself.

This symbiosis between the film and gossip industries was only possible because of the monopolizing control of the major studios, each of which operated as its own factory, acquiring the raw" star material, signing them to long-term contracts, and controlling every facet of the production and management of their images, from their names to their dating lives.

Join the discussion below, or Read more at Celebrity Dirty Laundry. Celebrity photographer Terry Richardson was banned from working with Cond

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